About Construction

Construction is one of Denmark’s largest technical colleges within the building and construction sector with more than 4,500 Bricklayers, Painters & Decorators, Carpenters and Plumbers being trained by our dedicated teaching staff every year.

Construction offers a wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes within the field of Youth Education, leading to nationally approved qualifications & specialisations, which are recognised internationally as well. In addition to this, we deliver a large and versatile selection of continuous and in-service training for employees in the construction industry.

At Construction, we currently employ 55 vocational teachers and have at our disposal a tuition area comprising more than 22,000 covered square metres. Our workshops and Open Learning centres are fitted with modern equipment to resemble the realities of the industry, and to create an environment, which is conducive to the learning processes of our students and course participants.

Construction is a part of TECHCOLLEGE – previously known as Aalborg Technical College. TECHCOLLEGE – founded more than 200 years ago – is one of the largest VET institutions in Denmark.

Academies in Construction 
One of our latest initiatives in the field of continuous training is the Roof Academy. In cooperation with Aalborg University, suppliers, producers and stakeholders in the construction sector, the Roof Academy offers the highest expertise in roof solutions.

The Energy Academy is our next project. We are already in the process of gathering relevant, interested parties involved in research, development, test, and dissemination of new solutions and technologies.

Good evaluation results
Our students in the VET programmes provided a feed-back in the 2007 national VET evaluation, showing that they were the most satisfied students in Denmark. Although we are very proud of this message from our students, we continue to develop new training concepts, which are pedagogically and professionally challenging, and which build on this positive development.

The global challenge
Danish VET colleges have a long tradition of being engaged in international cooperation projects. The idea is to open the minds of both teachers and students to the world, and to ensure that we equip our graduates with the international competencies which are needed in the globalised labour market.

A Danish support scheme named ‘Work Placement Abroad’ (in Danish “PIU”) makes it possible for Danish VET students to do all – or part of – the company-based training included in their chosen VET Programme abroad. Our International Coordinator is currently promoting the use of this unique opportunity further among our students and working to engage the college in other types of international cooperation projects.