About Technology

Technology offers education opportunities for plant operators, automation technicians, data technicians, frontline PC-supporters, and electricians with many different specialisations. Our programs are all classified as Vocational Education and Training (VET) and belong to the joint, educational entry way “Technology, construction and transportation”. A special program, EUX, is offered for students, who wish a double qualification as a journeyman and an upper secondary school graduate.

Besides this core activity, Technology College Aalborg delivers a large and versatile selection of continuous and in-service training for employees in the world of technology in subjects like fault finding on automated machines, PLC, pneumatics, motor and robot programming for power and intelligent installations, LED, renewable energy, network (Cisco and CCNP), high level programming, and Ardino boards. And in addition, we are a part of Tech Energy Aalborg.

Life at the school
Technology shares address with a number of other colleges.  Therefore, our students are part of a larger, learning environment with for example media graphic designers, bricklayers, and technical upper secondary (HTX) students. We have workshops and ICT rooms with modern, technical equipment, and we have our own robot centre. Our staff of dedicated vocational teachers, student counsellors, coaches etc. guide and train the students with the aim of making them ready for the labour market. We do our outmost to ensure that everybody finds a good and rewarding way through their education program. This implies going abroad as well, as we help a lot of students to find work placements all around the world.

Technology is a part of TECHCOLLEGE - founded more than 200 years ago and now being one of the largest VET institutions in Denmark. In our organisational set-up, TECHCOLLEGE deals with overall management and administration for a total of 10 trade related colleges and a technical upper secondary school.

All colleges and schools under TECHCOLLEGE base their development activities on a joint strategy plan.

The global challenge
As a vocational college, we have a long tradition of being engaged in international cooperation. The idea is to open the minds of both teachers and students to the world, and to ensure that we equip our graduates with the international competences, which are needed on the globalized labour market.

A national support scheme, Work Placement Abroad (in Danish “PIU”), makes it possible for Danish VET students to get financial support, if they want to do all – or part of – their company based training abroad. Our international coordinator at Technology is continuously working to promote the use of this scheme and trying to engage the college in other types of international cooperation projects.

It should be noted that all non-EU citizens must pay school fees to attend our education programs and that all tuition at Technology is – so far – delivered in the Danish language.