Agricultural assistant

At Agri you are able to obtain all needed certificates to become certificated Agricultural Assistant. It takes a maximum of 2 years. If you decide to study more you may become a Skilled Farmer (takes approx. 3.5 years).

Only the first three weeks will take place in Aalborg, after this the course continues in Grindsted. January the 2th 2020 is the last time this course begins in Aalborg and from the 27th of January, the course will be in Grindsted.



The Farm Assistant education is equivalent to level 2 in the ISCED system (ISCED 1997).  The Skilled Farmer education is equivalent to level 4 in the Isced system (ISCED 1997).

At Agri we offer our educational program in both Danish and English. Our international course appeals to students from EU countries, who want to participate in a Danish agricultural education. The teaching language is English. The course is free of charge and is similar to the Danish education.

Danish vocational education and training programmes are alternating programmes, which means that they alternate between education and training at school and on-the-job training in an enterprise.

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