Introduction to TECHCOLLEGE

TECHCOLLEGE is one of the largest providers of vocational education and training (VET) in Denmark. We offer initial vocational education and training (IVET) programmes for young people who would like to qualify for a profession from our wide palette of choices on offer – ranging from motor mechanic, to hairdresser and IT supporter. We offer in-service training and re-training for employees in the industry and for unemployed individuals, and we provide technical upper secondary education.

TECHCOLLEGE has approximately 3600 full time students and around 640 employees. Our tuition facilities comprise 11 individual daughter colleges:

Bricklayers, Painter & Decorators, Carpenters and Plumbers

Electricians, Electronics Technicians, Multimedia Integrators and Animators, Data Technicians, IT Supporters etc.

Media Graphic Designers, Digital Media Technicians, Graphic Printers, and Web Integrators

Farm Assistants, Animal Keepers, Gardeners, Forest Assistants, Green Keeper Assistants etc.

Chefs, Kitchen Assistants, Waiters, Hotel Receptionists, Bakers and Butchers

Blacksmiths, Industrial Technicians, Welders, CNC Operators etc.

otor Vehicle Mechanics and Truck Mechanics

Style & Wellness
Hairdressers and Cosmeticians

Dental Clinic Assistants, Dental Laboratory Technicians

Basic programmes for Chefs, Bakers, Carpenters, Motor Mechanics, Electricians and Data Technicians.

Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium
Technical Upper Secondary School

At this point in time all VET programmes are taught in Danish language. Hopefully the college will be able to offer VET courses with English as the medium of instruction in future.

Established in 1805 by a group of master artisans in Aalborg, the college is today a self-governing public institution managed by a Board of Governors and a Management Team. The Chairman of the Board of Governors is Mr. Torben N. Christensen, and the Management Team is headed by President, Mr. Michael Johansson. For each daughter college an Advisory Board is set up with representatives chosen among relevant stakeholders in the professional field covered.

For more information about TECHCOLLEGE in general or about our international activities in particular, we kindly invite you to contact:

Søren Samuelsen