School rules for students

General issues regarding your learning

When you are working in the classrooms, workshops, clinics etc., you must always follow the directions given by your teachers regarding behavior, work dress, use of PCs, and tidiness.

Your work dress must comply with the safety norms and rules of your profession. Furthermore, you work dress must make it possible to have an open and free communication between you and the other students and between you and your teachers, as this is a prerequisite for your learning.

In all workshops, rooms and school facilities, you must always comply by the safety rules.

Weekly working hours 
Education at TECHCOLLEGE takes its point of departure in a working time of 37 hours per week. Preparation, homework, written assignments, excursions, company visits, study tours and projects are included, and together with scheduled class lessons, they make up a 37 hours working week.

Submission of assignments and homework 
As a student, it is your duty prepare yourself and to submit your assignments and projects on time. We expect that you write/prepare them yourself. It is not allowed to copy from the Internet or from assignments made by others. If you do that, it will be regarded cheating, and your assignment will not be assessed.

The individual departments of TECHCOLLEGE have specific rules for submission of assignments. You will be able to find information about this in the local education plan for your education.

Recording of photos, sound, video or film of learning activity

Students’ and course participants’ recording of photos, sound, video and film of learning activities is a point of departure allowed, if it has been agreed with the teacher and the other participants in the room or situation.


Study activity and absenteeism  

All absence is registered and the information may be retrieved from UDDATA+. The school check up on absenteeism and keeps your employer informed.

If you are ill, the school must be informed every day before 8:15 AM. You report illness via UDDATA+. A message must be sent every day of your period of illness.

Read the document about study activity at TECHCOLLEGE, which is in force as from 1st January 2015.


School rules for students as per 3rd April 2017.