TECHCOLLEGE’s international features

TECHCOLLEGE has a long tradition for being involved in international activities. Some of our relations with partner colleges across Europe date back to the early eighties, and for more than twenty years we have been sending apprentices abroad for work placements in foreign companies. Since 2007 it is required by law that Danish VET students as part of their training program are exposed to and prepared for working and studying both in Denmark and abroad.

Work placements abroad
TECHCOLLEGE offers organisation of work placements for trainees in companies all over the world within more than one hundred different professions for periods of 3-12 months. A Danish refund scheme, named Work Placement Abroad covers all travelling costs, and the foreign company pays a salary equivalent to that of national trainees at the same level of education. Our students have the basic vocational skills and are highly motivated to work and learn during their placements abroad. Contact our International Coordinator for more information.

Tackling the challenge of Globalisation / School Partnerships
In 2006, TECHCOLLEGE established a team of “Globalisation Agents”. They are responsible for establishing of globalisation activities in the form of teacher and student exchange programmes, school partnerships and pedagogical development projects at the different tuition departments of the college. If you would like to get in contact with one of the Globalisation Agent to pursue co-operation possibilities, you are welcome to contact the Globalisation Agents concerned. Find the contact details for the individual Globalisation Agents at the websites of each daughter college or contact our international coordinator.

Further studies at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
In 2008 the former Academy for Higher Professional Education (NOEA) was detached from TECHCOLLEGE and other stakeholders in the region and incorporated into University College of Northern Denmark (UCN). UCN is an independent educational institution specialising in professional higher education at university level. Apart from a variety of education programmes in Danish, UCN offers AP programmes in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Computer Science, and Financial Management in English for foreign students. Read more

International consultancies
Until 2008 Tech College Aalborg was engaged in VET reform programmes abroad and in enterprise development projects linking Danish companies with business partners in Africa and Asia in cooperation with former NOEA. TECHCOLLEGE still has a broad selection of well-qualified, vocational teachers and other specialist, who are available for short-term international consultancy jobs. If you wish to inquire about availability of international consultants from TECHCOLLEGE, kindly contact our international coordinator.