During the practical training and the school period you will receive a monthly income from your employer. The minimum salary is 10.340 DKK a month and will increase as your experience and education level increase. For example the minimum income during the 1st Main Course 12.257 DKK a month. During 2nd Main Course 14.192 DKK a month. 

The salary is due to the agreement between Labour Union and Employers Associations. (Prices subject to change)

In Denmark the education is free for all European citizens. Nevertheless, during your stay at Agri College Aalborg you will have some expenses.

  • Books
    You will have to buy some books. The total price is around 2500 DKK. Normally the students are paying themselves for the books. In some cases farmers cover the book expenses. 
  • Study trips
    During the course you will have some study trips. You will have to cover the cost for the transportation.
  • Working clothes
    You have to buy working clothes and safety shoes for farm work.

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