This is our English page. Here you will find information about TECHCOLLEGE, a list of vocational education in English and learn more about competence assessment and entry requirements.


Who and what is TECHCOLLEGE?

TECHCOLLEGE is one of Denmark’s largest vocational colleges. Annually, TECHCOLLEGE has about 3.200 full-time students. We have 600 employees who are spread over our seven locations in Aalborg, which is the fourth largest city in Denmark. TECHCOLLEGE was established in 1805, as a technical school, by a group of prominent craftsmen from the city. Today, the school is a self-governing institution run by a board and a management committee. Besides being one of the largest vocational colleges, TECHCOLLEGE is also one of the most versatile providers of vocational education (VET) for youth as well as in-service and re-training of industry employees and unemployed.


Our learning environment

The learning environment at TECHCOLLEGE is based on problem-based learning (PBL). It is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem in groups or individually. The PBL process allows the students to develop skills they can use in their future practice, as they will work with real-world, complex and hands-on problems, and not just learn by being introduced to facts and presentations. This practical learning environment will promote the students’ development of critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and communication skills. Furthermore, at TECHCOLLEGE we are always aware of what competences society and the labour market call for, in order for us to ensure that our courses reflect present time. Also, we continuously strive to create the best learning and study environments for our students.



TECHCOLLEGE’s strategic stepping stone is “Udvikling med vilje” which means “Evolution on Purpose”. This covers TECHCOLLEGE’s agenda to evolve while focusing on three relevant areas, namely the future, the client and abilities. At the same time, we strive to be ONE joint school even though we have seven departments.


UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network, sustainability and global citizenship

In December 2020, TECHCOLLEGE officially became part of UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network (ASPnet). TECHCOLLEGE thereby entered a network of more than 11,000 schools, situated all over the world, having the same focus, namely sustainability and global citizenship. We have incorporated sustainability in all our courses, and it is a focal point that we hope and expect all students to take with them and pass on to future colleagues and employers. Global citizenship is already a big part of TECHCOLLEGE, as we both send Danish apprentices to work placements abroad, and we also have apprentices from other countries coming to Denmark for the same opportunities (if they meet the entry requirements). Also, many projects at TECHCOLLEGE focus on sustainable solutions for technical or practical problems. Additionally, TECHCOLLEGE also practises global citizenship as we deal with Erasmus+ programmes and Nordplus programmes, which both support education and training across borders.



What is exceptional about TECHCOLLEGE, is that all vocational education and training alternate between schooling that gives a theoretical foundation - and vocational experience and training in a real workplace. This means that the apprentice spends part of the time at a vocational college (about 30 %) and the other part of the time working in a company as an apprentice (about 70 %). This dual vocational education and training system ensures a continuous connection between theory and practice.


All vocational educations

To see a list of all vocational educations in English, please go to this page: http://certsupp.uds.dk/


Exam papers and competence assessment

If you have formal qualifications completed outside of Denmark, you can ask the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science to have them assessed. Furthermore, in case you have competencies that are not documented but still relevant for the education you want to pursue, it may be possible to have them recognized and assessed within the Danish adult education system.

Read more about the possibilities for competence assessment here:



Admission to vocational education and training (VET)

Depending on your technical and professional qualifications and your level of Danish language skills, there are different entry requirements that you must adhere to.

Learn more about the admission requirements here:



Living here

Skolehjemmet - a nice place to live

More information about TECHCOLLEGE

Vocational education and training

TECHCOLLEGE is one of the largest providers of vocational education and training (VET) in Denmark. We offer initial vocational education and training (IVET) programmes for young people who would like to qualify for a profession from our wide palette of choices on offer – ranging from motor mechanic, to hairdresser and IT supporter. We offer in-service training and re-training for employees in the industry and for unemployed individuals, and we provide technical upper secondary education.

TECHCOLLEGE has approximately 3200 full time students and around 600 employees. Our tuition facilities comprise seven addresses:

Øster Uttrup Vej 1
Bricklayers, Painter & Decorators, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Graphic Printers

Rørdalsvej 10
Chefs, Kitchen Assistants, Waiters, Hotel Receptionists, Bakers, Butchers, Dental Clinic Assistants, Hairdressers and Cosmeticians

Struervej 70
Farm Assistants, Animal Keepers, Gardeners, Green Keeper Assistants, Data Technicians and IT Supporters

Sigrid Undsets Vej 3
Blacksmiths, Industrial Technicians, Welders, CNC Operators etc.

Teglværket 2
Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Aircraft Mechanics and Truck Mechanics

Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium
Technical Upper Secondary School

At this point in time all VET programmes are taught in Danish language. Hopefully the college will be able to offer VET courses with English as the medium of instruction in future.

School rules for students

General issues regarding your learning

When you are working in the classrooms, workshops, clinics etc., you must always follow the directions given by your teachers regarding behavior, work dress, use of PCs, and tidiness.

Your work dress must comply with the safety norms and rules of your profession. Furthermore, you work dress must make it possible to have an open and free communication between you and the other students and between you and your teachers, as this is a prerequisite for your learning.

In all workshops, rooms and school facilities, you must always comply by the safety rules.

Weekly working hours 
Education at TECHCOLLEGE takes its point of departure in a working time of 37 hours per week. Preparation, homework, written assignments, excursions, company visits, study tours and projects are included, and together with scheduled class lessons, they make up a 37 hours working week.

Submission of assignments and homework 
As a student, it is your duty prepare yourself and to submit your assignments and projects on time. We expect that you write/prepare them yourself. It is not allowed to copy from the Internet or from assignments made by others. If you do that, it will be regarded cheating, and your assignment will not be assessed.

The individual departments of TECHCOLLEGE have specific rules for submission of assignments. You will be able to find information about this in the local education plan for your education.

Recording of photos, sound, video or film of learning activity

Students’ and course participants’ recording of photos, sound, video and film of learning activities is a point of departure allowed, if it has been agreed with the teacher and the other participants in the room or situation.


Study activity and absenteeism  

All absence is registered and the information may be retrieved from STUDIE+. The school check up on absenteeism and keeps your employer informed.

If you are ill, the school must be informed every day before 8:15 AM. You report illness via STUDIE+. A message must be sent every day of your period of illness.